Sub Rosa: QR Code

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A friend of mine used to have an art gallery named Sub Rosa in San Francisco. I didn’t fully appreciate that space he and his wife created until it was gone. The sentiment of Sub Rosa and what that gallery meant to me has had a lasting impression, but now I simply can not go back.

The QR code technology was intended to make shipping/tracking packages more pragmatic and simpler. Has this technology taken off yet? Not like a rocket going into space, but QR technology is beginning to see usages in Google’s Android apps. Websites can now link their apps by placing a QR right on the web page for readers to scan in with their Barcode Scanner app. By using a phone to scan in the QR code, a user can quickly find an app without typing in the app name or even opening up the app store. The scanner recognizes the QR, and zips you directly to the URL of that app and bingo! you’re on your way to downloading within seconds.

Now, take this technology and look at this QR-Code Generator. Now imagine the amount of discretion you have when sending coded messages, links to websites, and perhaps even self-written articles/blogs/essays/stories (you get the point). One person sends a QR code to somebody else in a message. The QR code is harmless to the naked eye. And within seconds, your phone can register this QR and translate it into the intended URL, phone number, SMS, or text.

Gone are the days where people pass physical notes to each other. Gone are the days where typing in search terms result in hundreds of links. And gone are those days where finding information can become tedious no matter how you may intend to search for it.

QR Code…fully appreciate it now!

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Written by F&W

September 24, 2010 at 5:16 pm

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