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I am a writer by nature and will always continue to write. However, as the years have gone by, I have supplemented that with photography.

The image above might have crossed my mind as a writer at some point and trying to describe it in a story would’ve been dreadful. And as a writer, images are often mixed into narratives like “projections from a movie” that need to be described, but more frequent than not, FAIL.

This image was inspired by a photo I saw in a blog (can’t find it now) of a reflected image from water that reads correctly while a poster was written backwards. This was also inspired by a friend’s art show coming up November 5th @ Modern Eden. The show is entitled “Shoulda Coulda Woulda“. My motivation for this was to be subtle yet be able to depict some sentiment. Which sentiment and of what nature? That is entirely up to the viewer.

I know the image is quiet, but to me, it’s on the fence of being either forced or too deliberate. I can’t say that my intention was to create a triptych, but as I was leaving, the images in front of me couldn’t be ignored…and thus, I came up with this.

If you’d like to submit something for this audience participation project, here is the impetus to get started:

We want our creative communities to come up with any type of image that incorporates the letters SCW. It could be an original design/typeface that you create, a photograph of a random outdoor sign with the SCW letters in it or something as simple as alphabet cereal spelling out SCW. There are no rules, the more creative and unique the better. The letters SCW should be prominent in the image. Feel free to manipulate the image in any way. We have begun a blog which we will feature these images and hope to engage the public and make it that much more exciting.—Alphonzo Solorzano

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Written by F&W

October 27, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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