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Last week a coworker asked me if photographing a silhouette is easy. My response: “As fast as you can knit a scarf, you can take a picture, edit it and make a silhouette image.” I believe she understood that analogy…but then again, it takes her just a couple of hours to make a nice 3 foot scarf. So I hoped she didn’t walk away thinking it was literally going to take her that long.

The image above is of my friend Stephanie, fellow photog. She happened to be in the cool, crisp Pacific Ocean water when this happened. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect silhouette to represent her. Most of the image was backlit to perfection with a little help in post-production to complete the transformation.

Here are some examples of how backlighting can be extremely affective.

I had a day at the beach, Mirada Surf, last Sunday which provided some great times in the water, good times with friends, and good times with beer. A friend of mine is a relative to the owner of Auburn Alehouse. This friend was given a growler of the Aubrn Gold Digger IPA. We firmly grasped this growler on Sunday and made the Sabbath our friend. Thanks, Sunday!

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