Is Heaven A Place On Earth?

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(This is not an attempt to disparage LDS or Mormons).

I closed my eyes and thought about this question for a moment….and then I laughed. The real question and theory that I posed to my wife (not while under any pharmaceutical influence) was that what if there was a so-called place after death that our spirits are directly beamed to—the sound from Star Trek may be elicited here______.

If we can take on LDS (Mormon) scripture into account for a moment, think about different levels of a heaven. The different levels coincide with how morally, ethically, spiritually good you are living your life on Earth. And all of this is based on a code to not do harm…blah blah blah. In other words, don’t shit on your friends and neighbors, NOT EVEN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TRANSIENT.

Here’s the twist: what if instead of being judged by your character actions when your spirit is transported, you are judged by the amount of money you make on Earth? And then, wouldn’t that heaven really suck!

I mean, if your household makes less than 40k a year, I’m sorry, but this theory of heaven will really suck for you. I would probably try to live as long as possible collecting pennies, nickels, and dimes from your neighbors…possibly even start a coin drive (’cause we all have tons of coins in mugs, jars, and ashtrays).

So think about that…the next time you throw away a dollar on tip, hold onto it…’cause it does add up.

***obviously, this heaven is based on the earning wages of the 1st world countries…not taken into account are indigenous tribes, boat people, LOST Survivors, Eskimos, and nomads…and gypsies.

follow me.


Written by F&W

March 16, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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