Looking Forward to Going Back (Asia)

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To “Pine” for a trip back to Asia (Hong Kong, China, & Tokyo) is simply devastating to the soul. Luckily this image along with hundreds of others in the safe remind me that it’s not that unreachable. Surely, it will take more resources to mobilize this time around, but the rewards would be endless.

In this image below, I’ve been spotted on top of a rice field in Guilin, China. We took a long bus ride to a remote village to visit indigenous folks. The women wear their hair very long and usually keep it in a bun until visitors give them money to show the length (exploitation for money made me feel guilty). Though the community thrives from tourists to take in the culture, I almost wanted to escape this particular custom.

My friends didn’t make it up top with me, but I was able to share this moment with them later. Just a soaked shirt and almost a 30 minute hike back down couldn’t stop me from showing my enthusiasm. Imagine seeing that landscape???

I will be posting images from my whirlwind tour (research to schools included) either on flickr or here as part of my nostalgic glance back into the summer 2008 trip.

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Written by F&W

July 22, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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