Shooting a Star

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The feeling is truly amazing when you leave a big city and head into the woods for solitude. But amazing is also a sensational way of describing the image below of a shooting star that was captured when I tried long exposure photography for the very first time.

The example below is a shot I was able to take when I camped in the Eldorado National Forest region in Alpine County over the weekend (quick tidbit: Markleeville is a little cute, quaint town that is worth stopping in). Located in Indian Creek Reservoir, the campground was next to this beautiful lake that seemed too perfect, especially in the mornings when the sun rose right over the horizon and into the water’s reflection. And at night, a pinkish hue lit the sky, here, before the stars were introduced to above our heads.

Since I was in such awe of the night’s sky, I completely forgot to follow the technical aspects of long exposure and just shot wide open at f2. Next time, stopping down on any long exposure will be the second thing I do after I calm down from the giddiness of actually doing night photography.

Here’s another shot of the night sky.

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