Victory At Sea: Know the Difference

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I am a fan of sailing. I am a fan of really good beer. I am also a fan of history… Below is a blog entry that shows an example of this while providing some helpful information for those who may or may not like all three or any of the aforementioned three…yet. I won’t pressure you into caring.

For instance in the picture above, this old Victory (at sea) battleship is called Red Oak Victory. It is being restored and probably turned into a museum so people can see the inner workings of this awesome metal floating thing. This Victory is located in the Richmond Inner Harbor, CA.

The image above is of a crazy man with a mask of a stormtrooper (if you don’t know by now where this comes from, I’m sorry) and what appears to be a Victory At Sea by Ballast Point. This beer is a coffee vanilla imperial porter. Yeah, I know how awesome this is…this Victory is located in San Diego, CA.

And finally, there’s yet another Victory At Sea (image courtesy of Wikipedia)…which is a documentary series on WWII. I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure it’s worth watching even if you’re not a history buff. This Victory is located at a video rental store near you.

follow me.


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