DIY Mask: The Raccoon

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The eternal question of Halloween comes every year. What shall I wear??? This year and probably for the rest of my years along with my wife, a mask will be created. And it starts with an idea, then plaster strips, and much more as you will see. This helpful youtube video guided me through the initial phase of this D.I.Y project.

After putting on the whiskers, I still felt something was missing. A defining shape of a raccoon or something that signified more weird creature than cute house cat. I decided that I needed to add some more “body” to my mask. This was done by drawing and cutting a few pieces of paper and hot gluing them to the sides of the mask.

When I thought the mask had a distinct shape, I trimmed the ears a little bit to give it more a raccoon feel. Next in the manufacturing process was fur. Lots and lots of fur. This part was fun, but tedious. I loved playing around with the fur, teasing it a bit and hot gluing it onto the mask. However, while cutting each small strip away, pieces and particles of fur got into the air and consequently into my mouth. Hard to breathe, but fun as hell to make.

I even cut out strips for the ears and just used permanent marker to fill in the black. The nose was covered with felt as well as the most of the interior of the mask. Comfort level was high as well as warmth (look at all that fur!). I used two sets of tie-strings to secure the mask to my face. Using knitting yarn was probably not the best option though. Ribbon was definitely the right choice.

Also, I wear glasses, so I used a pair that I don’t wear too often, removed the side pieces and hot glued it around the bridge and pads. These are transition lens so I feel comfortable riding my bicycle in the day with the mask (if I ever wanted to, that is…).

Of course, the result of mask making shows. I felt pretty good about the San Francisco Raccoon (Ewok, Teen Wolf, Panda) mask and provided ample air when expressing my joy. I think I got at least 5 inches of air.

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Written by F&W

November 7, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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