Jhumpa, Our Other Cat…

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Sentimental thoughts run rampant during this time of year. Looking at pictures of old and reminiscing upon them greatly affects the power of memory and today, as I’m going through my cat photos and images, this blog entry is dedicated to our other cat, Jhumpa (my love affair with the great Jhumpa Lahiri).

This orange tabby comes to us from the same litter as her sister, Cafe Con Leche, from Berkeley Eastbay Humane. We got them both the day Michael Jackson passed away. To this day, thoughts of naming this one P.Y.T. remain on our minds.

Why dedicate one blog to this cat? I feel an unbalance amount of love at home with my two cats; I believe it might be happening online as well. So this goes out to all the orange tabby cats out there! And of course what’s a sentimental blog entry without prefacing it with a song.

Always and forever…Jhumpa.

These two above images really take the cake for the cuteness award. She’s always been the type of cat that lands on our lap or rides on our shoulders and more so now, she loves being there bounced and rocked while we walk around our place.

This cat does tend to sleep 14-18 hours a day. At least, in our minds she does…it’s more about lounging, like the image below that she prefers.

So when Jhumpa is not sleeping, she idles. And quite frequently this cat idles in space that often says to us, leave me be…I’m chilling, alright??? ALRIGHT?!

The below image kind of tops it when it comes to Jhumpa. By far, the lazier girl of the sisters, she really enjoys being on our laps…this time, I think my wife has the most practical use of our cat yet.

follow me.


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