Cobra Cat: Viral Video Response

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Watching viral videos is not enough anymore. We, sharers of videos to friends who haven’t seen specific ones, take pride in our own sensibilities to share funny, grotesque, poignant, motivating, tragic moments. We hope that when we share the ones we like, others will respond similarly to them as well.

Well, here with a great moment of sharing/responding, Cobra Cat viral video is displayed for friends to watch. The video, if you haven’t seen it yet, is an odd/suspenseful moment where two opposing cats are extremely curious and territorial. One cat creeps in slowly to the other, more stationary cat…when all of the sudden, COBRA CAT appears! Click here to watch the very condensed moment!

One caveat to this story is that we watched this following a football victory. Probably wouldn’t have been received with quite the same jovial insanity if the local team would have lost (e.g. 49ers won, Steelers didn’t).

Cobra Cat is one of those “wait for it moments” viral videos and the response to it below is the same. You have to just wait for it to happen and #BOOM laughter ensues!

Response to Cobra Cat:


follow me.


Written by F&W

December 20, 2011 at 7:57 pm

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