Leaders of the New School

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Remember them? Who’s that? Brooooooown!  This entry is not really about them.  However, it is about people out there creating something that does have a momentous impact on the way something is viewed.

For instance, and really quickly, looking at those Leaders of the New School (I know it’s not about them) and the way they bring fashion and music together.   East Coast hip-hop really felt distinct and had a very palpable characteristic that was truly recognizable.   Of course we all bought into it.  Look at the video below.  Come’on!

If not these guys, at least their sensibilities bled into other aspects of reality and created this niche in music that seemed to spark a greater trend that was going far beyond just music.

Look at these two video below.  This guy demonstrates such an innovative and fresh take on dubstep and creates a collision of appeal with everything he’s doing and wearing.  It’s even crazier as he gets into his routine.  That flip?!!! Swag! A bit of vogue (Madonna would be proud) and some interesting, almost tribal/ethnic/cultural expressions of dance too.  But this vid is just one of a series of battle vids that took place at a gym.  The other ones are pretty fresh.

This generation of young and fresh views on fashion, music, dance, and Pop culture really has turned most of what the 80s-90s generation of kids knew into uncool, breakable, and rigid forms of expression.

The video below, particularly, transcends how we look at battle from previous generations.  It’s more playful with clowning and miming, definitely an energetic routine here.

Perhaps even better would be that this generation has melted and stripped away the unecessary appeal of “cool” and general need for Pop Culture affirmation and galvanized their own mixture of branding, expression, self confidence, and fluidity by displaying their ambivalence to acceptance from what their predecessors did back then…it’s an unabashed and unapologetic movement for sure. It’s an adaptive youth movement—one that will have it’s place as leaders of the new school.

I HAVE TO include this final battle vid.  These two truly bring battle to another level as they clown each other, spin, and dip…their styles are similar, but almost juxtaposing: hoodie (OBEY) vs tshirt, pants vs shorts…hella fresh stuff.  And those ankles?  Must be sore the next day.  Maybe not though, since they’re the youth of tomorrow.

follow me.


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