Laborious Day Weekend

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Let’s not dwell too much on the past weekend here. But thinking about it at work right now, and not feeling too hot, the weekend of activities really felt exhausting and work-like. It’s not to say that I’m not completely appreciate of what transpired (even the food poisoning felt by me and my father-in-law), but long weekends like this were made specifically for activities. I’m just not 22 years old anymore. The body recovers incrementally nowadays.

So, each day was filled with a bit of this and a bit of that…starting Friday night off with my wife’s staff celebration at Pyramid Breweries in Berkeley, then off to see my wife’s family and the new addition, Liebchen, the German Shepherd, diving into the newly cleaned pool, major bbq action during the day and then a Filipino birthday party at night (roasted pig, karaoke, cousins) to hanging out by Lake Merritt in our kammoks, soaking up the sun, and hiking in Oakland Hills in Joaquin Miller Park, cornholing, hackey sacking, and more bbqing on Monday.

That’s a quick prose summary.

Here’s a visual summary below!

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