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The new iphone 5 is really great. Just like the image above of our two cats cuddling together, you simply have to give into it. There’s no arguing that the new iphone is purty and sleek, especially if you’re a loyal Apple customer. There’s an added bonus for getting this new one too. More Loyalty! That’s the feeling you definitely can obtain when you’re a brand snob or elitist (don’t worry, I’m a Canon whore). And even if you’re a Samsung or HTC user, there are plenty of great options out there to choose.

BUT…what if you don’t have a brand to follow? What if you feel like you want to step away from the exorbitant data plan fees?

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And what if you want to just go back to a simpler time…1999 when phones were just as simple as the Nokia candy bar phone? This was actually my first phone after reluctantly accepting a gift from my brother as a birthday present.

Since that phone, I have gone from Motorola to Blackberry and flip phones to ultra sleek smart phones. In the two years, I have returned to a very simple working phone. Between my office phone line and being in front of a computer all day, then returning home to have wifi connection, my data plan became obsolete. I also didn’t make a lot of phone calls so even 450 minutes a month left me with a surplus of time I couldn’t rollover. I eventually called my carrier and talked them into giving me an emergency plan of 50 minutes a month for $24.99. At the time, I was okay with that because I still used a phone to call family and friends on weekends, though I texted more than called. I eventually felt like I could use that 450 minutes this last year because of various things that was happening in our life at home. My bill shot back up to $39.99 per month.

The last couple of months have been difficult for us. My wife just started two new jobs at two different preschools. I know how fortunate we do have it since we do have 3 jobs combined. It’s the getting to this position that was straining. If you can imagine a car always almost at a quarter tank each time you have to drive 80-120 miles every time, but a gas station is at the end of those miles, you’re sort of at ease, but you’re also a bit stressed out.

To cut down on cost was a challenge. Expenses were cut drastically. Grocery stores, going out to eat, and getting the essentials were also part of that challenge. I eventually decided to go with a pay-as-you-go phone. Nothing glamourous about it at all. See it here. This phone, at it’s purest level, is an emergency phone. There’s a few plans, but they’re all suited for different needs. My plan is a $1.99 per daily use of phone. That’s not counting those days you don’t use it. It’s unlimited minutes for mobile to mobile (Verizon), unlimited for the day, and $.02 per text. And if you’re now wondering, texting is not the same as making a call.

The image of that phone from Target is great. I purchased it for $15.00 last month. It came with an additional $10 bonus of talk/text time. So far, I’ve only used $.04 on the phone. I save money by using a free service provided by Google Voice. Free texting!!! This means that I don’t have to use up any of my money to make text messages to friends. I use it on my ipod touch, laptop, and desktop (at work).

So for less than $15 dollars every two months, I can have a phone to use to make unlimited phone calls if I needed to on any given day. Is that worth it for me? YES. Could it be an alternative for you? OF COURSE! Will you fall in love with a flip phone again? I HOPE SO!

Interested in the phone? Go here.

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