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In our home, this cat is known as Copernicus (most of the time). We’ve got tons of nicknames. While my wife is more fond of some of those nicknames than other ones I’ve made up in the middle of the night, Buddy Guy seems to have stuck with more affection and tenderness than even the likes of Copern or Copernicky…or even CopernRicky. Buddy Guy is his name that we have given him because he is our buddy that snuggles up in the middle of the night. And he is that buddy that follows us around and is quite the chatter cat. He is also the buddy that fell asleep and purred in our hands when we held him in our hands at Berkeley East Bay Humane. And quite pragmatically, he is a guy and we love to say “hey guy”. With this combination, it’s such a term of endearment that some times I’m at a lost for words when I see him nestled up next to my wife in bed or on the couch or sleeping with our other cat, Jhumpa.

Last night, my wife and I watched an episode of Boardwalk Empire (Season 3 Episode 4). We loved the scenes of Al Capone and his son interacting. Stephen Graham as Al Capone is terrific. And the last scene where his character is singing to his son, the moment was just very sweet, especially for a diametrically opposite side of Al Capone in an earlier scene, just a great juxstaposition that worked extremely well—great payoff.

My wife said, “You should learn this song and sing it to our buddy guy”. I laughed at the thought of it…but imagined my very own child to sing to like Capone did in that scene. My guitar skills will have to improve dramatically soon for my rendition of “My Buddy”, but until then, here’s the original song in full by Henry Burr in 1922.

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Written by F&W

November 13, 2012 at 10:47 pm

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