Making Things: The Brenizer Method

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My friend, Jorge, loves to shoot portraits. He’s good at it. And his subjects undoubtedly hate to take pictures (me thinks). One way to ease somebody in front of a camera is to say that the image is going to be really cool because it’s going to be formed into a very complex image of details with a shallow depth of field. Confusing right? Kind of, but not really.

Even to a layman, that sounds interesting. To photo-geeks, you just put your hands in the air and say, “what the hell…let’s try it”.

The image above shows the subject off-centered and has a very shallow depth of field. WARNING: If you click on the image, it’s a very big file (23mb). If you look closer at the image, hopefully flickr can do the trick here, you’ll start to notice many, many details that seem to be very clear. That’s part of this method called “Brenizer” and is a fun way of snapping portraits of all your friends.

One thing that I’ve learned from all the photoshoots during this learning curve is that you can make it even more wild and extreme if there’s a lot of things in the fore/mid/background of the image.

Try it!

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