Survival Package for Joshua Tree

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Here are my essential things I packed for a recent trip to Joshua Tree. I have labeled these things as “essential” because my original plan was to use a small dayback and stuff all of these items into it.

Survival Pack

From left to right: mp3 player, nasal medication, epi-pen, hexbright flashlight, watch, yarn/needles, gorilla pod, compass, pocket knife, journal/notebook/pen type-A, prescription sunglasses, smartphone, camera, matches.

I got great use out of all these items except for my hexbright flashlight (used it and left it somewhere else at home), and smartphone (no cell coverage for the most part). I was really disappointed that I left the flashlight at home because I had planned to show it off to my friend who’s into gadgets. If you don’t know what this device offers, click here to check out hexbright’s website (kickstarter).

The yarn/needles were not taken out at all on this trip. However, I did knit during the ride down for a good six hours and eventually pulled it apart.

And if you wear glasses 24/7 like I do, you’ll appreciate a pair of prescription sunglasses to invest your money in because there really is no other substitute for your eyeballs. Trust me…please.

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Written by F&W

January 5, 2013 at 12:05 am

Posted in Gadgets

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