Searching for the Right Movie

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Last Saturday night we spent it at home. Paola was sick and I did my best to think about not being sick (which went a long way). After a little bit to eat, we wanted to watch a movie. Documentaries and foreign films are usually the modus operandi when it comes to selecting something to get the full attention of my wife. And for the most part, that’s a pretty good way to select something interesting to watch. However, on a mentally fatigued person, the last thing you really want to do is put more stress on the brain. Foreign film…out of the question. A good documentary was calling to us…and to that end, it really called to us in the form of this documentary called Searching for Sugar Man.

We knew right away that we had chosen the right one to watch for the night. Immediately, we were taken aback by the music, his bigger than life mythology in South Africa, and the unknown man.

Our friend had watched it in the theatre last year, but we never had a chance to watch it. And we had no idea it recently won the Oscar for best documentary (we don’t watch the oscars like my mother wants me to).

Just to quickly sum up how we felt about this documentary and this man, Rodriguez, overwhelming at times to watch how selfless he is and just how remarkable his music transcended cultural boundaries. By the end, we were both very moved by this film, this story, and this amazing musician/person/father. Thank you Rodriguez.

And I’m very honored to have this be the 100th blog entry! Thanks for reading everyone!!!

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