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All the Pretty Challenges

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photo walk

I am connected to my wife. I also call her my connection to life. She brings a palette of flavor and perspective into my world that has always been two dimensional, vapid, and unchallenged. Ever since our initial endeavors and have since then, forged our way through a strange land of mystery, obstacles, and excitement, the world I have assembled with her has been the ultimate test of preservation and reflection of all the pretty challenges.

We made a promise to each other four years ago today. No matter how rough and tumble our lives are going to be, we’ll always be the strength and weakness that keeps together this foundation. I’ll depend on her forever to be those things we’ve talked about in our restless and dark nights. I’ll continue to depend on her as we grow older, hopefully wiser, and more patient and understanding.

It’s always going to be a process. And as I compare our lives with those around us, our elders who have been together for many, many years…I’m always going to look forward to those nights that we struggle through. I’m always going to look forward to those moments when it’s absolutely the worst case scenario. And I’m always going to look forward to those times when we’re just caught up in whatever obstacle is in front of us.

The above image was taken at an eatery after a photo-walk that we took together as our first date over six years ago. Throughout the years, we’ve recognized plenty of moments to be thankful for like that one, but we’ve also remembered the pain and heartache of times where we had miscarriages as well.

Peaks and valleys of life, I guess.

I’m grateful to my wife for each singular laughter and tear that we’ve shared together. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for her presence and for her beauty, courage, and strength. And there’s never going to be a day that I’m not acutely aware that I may be the most fortunate person to be able to share in the ugliest of nights and the prettiest of days with whom I call my best-forever-friend, my wife…Paola.

Happy Anniversary! I can only dedicate this song, “Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild” by J.Richman and this day to you.

from BlearyEyedBrooklyn.com on Vimeo.

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August 20, 2014 at 1:09 pm