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Our little Frankie

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My wife and I have been talking about adopting a dog for a while. We always said, wait until we get a bigger place…well, we got a bigger place (more on that later) recently in another part of California since moving away from Oakland.

This gal came into our lives a couple weekends ago from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. Not ten seconds into seeing her in the pen, I knew she was the one we would adopt. My mind instantly went from laissez-faire and passive adopter, to first-responder, helicopter parent, panic adopter. I needed to find a volunteer to get our application in the fold. I stayed cool outwardly, but my mind already transitioned to everything possibly guardian related. How do we puppy proof our home? Will the cats respond in horror initially to her? How will we deal with potty training? Socializing, training, being responsible dog people seemed in line with all of my initial trepidation.

However, the very first instance of being a good guardian came sooner than later. The diagnosis of her temperament labeled her as bashful and timid. I knew instantly that was a great challenge to look forward to while providing us with a sense of duty at the very beginning.

To speed things up in our story, and after a few quick life lessons, first a shy and very bashful gal, she’s now very energetic, playful, and extremely puppy like (put away the shoes).

With a lot of trust building exercises like bribing her with treats and dollar bills, she quickly became fond of both of us and have since learned the better practice of 1 and 2 in our backyard.

To sum up, there are times in our lives that we feel more than fortunate. There are also moments when we feel timing has presented an excellent marker for our lives that would affirm our choices. Here, as we stood in front of a puppy in a pen, the choice was clear…and Frankie, as my wife easily named her, presented us with an easy choice and instant puppy stamped approval.

Frankie - our girl

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