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Making Things: Turkey Noodle Soup

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I’ve been quiety working on things lately. Over the past few months, I’ve grown to understand that creativity, for me, comes during a time of banality and boredom at work.

In November, I was happy to create lots and lots of dinner items. One in particular that I was very proud of was egg noodles. For leftovers after the TG meal I created a slowcook turkey broth and rolled out some noodles to create a pretty good meal.

Oh, and you’ll notice the cans of beers are from Trader Joe’s. Really good for the price: 6 pack for $3.99 and it’s 6 percent. Yep!

turkey udon dinner

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Laborious Day Weekend

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Let’s not dwell too much on the past weekend here. But thinking about it at work right now, and not feeling too hot, the weekend of activities really felt exhausting and work-like. It’s not to say that I’m not completely appreciate of what transpired (even the food poisoning felt by me and my father-in-law), but long weekends like this were made specifically for activities. I’m just not 22 years old anymore. The body recovers incrementally nowadays.

So, each day was filled with a bit of this and a bit of that…starting Friday night off with my wife’s staff celebration at Pyramid Breweries in Berkeley, then off to see my wife’s family and the new addition, Liebchen, the German Shepherd, diving into the newly cleaned pool, major bbq action during the day and then a Filipino birthday party at night (roasted pig, karaoke, cousins) to hanging out by Lake Merritt in our kammoks, soaking up the sun, and hiking in Oakland Hills in Joaquin Miller Park, cornholing, hackey sacking, and more bbqing on Monday.

That’s a quick prose summary.

Here’s a visual summary below!

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Bay Area Beer Bars

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You can always find me in one of these places. Apologies to those who can’t piece these words together. If you’re truly lost, I’m really sorry because these places offer very good beer selections on tap.

The above image was provided by Wordle. You can see the original here.

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November 8, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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Victory At Sea: Know the Difference

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I am a fan of sailing. I am a fan of really good beer. I am also a fan of history… Below is a blog entry that shows an example of this while providing some helpful information for those who may or may not like all three or any of the aforementioned three…yet. I won’t pressure you into caring.

For instance in the picture above, this old Victory (at sea) battleship is called Red Oak Victory. It is being restored and probably turned into a museum so people can see the inner workings of this awesome metal floating thing. This Victory is located in the Richmond Inner Harbor, CA.

The image above is of a crazy man with a mask of a stormtrooper (if you don’t know by now where this comes from, I’m sorry) and what appears to be a Victory At Sea by Ballast Point. This beer is a coffee vanilla imperial porter. Yeah, I know how awesome this is…this Victory is located in San Diego, CA.

And finally, there’s yet another Victory At Sea (image courtesy of Wikipedia)…which is a documentary series on WWII. I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure it’s worth watching even if you’re not a history buff. This Victory is located at a video rental store near you.

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Kezar Park Area = HELLA food & fun

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While I jest at making good use of “hella”, I’m proud to say that as a citizen of this country (USA to clarify), we took the opportunity on the 4th of July to participate in a favorite past time: stuff face with food (3 grills), play park games, and relax on-in a folding chair whilst sipping on beverage of choice (craft beer for me).

In this beautiful location right next to Kezar Stadium, we found time to become Awesomer and lived life to the fullest.   See image below.

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Cooking Accidents Make Funny

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I made paella for dinner last night. My wife and I love it because it’s simple and fun to eat. In doing research for paella, I have found two decent recipes for it located here and here.

For the one I made last night, the recipe called for a bit of smoked paprika. As I was preparing my Mise en place, the paprika was sent spilling onto the kitchen floor. Usually right about that time, I would clean that up…but I was already rolling along. Two minutes later, I was cutting up a red onion and sautee’ing. Five minutes after that, slicing up cherry tomatoes…ten minutes after that, I was cleaning up one of my cats who NOSE DIVED into the smoked paprika like it was Tony Montana’s stash of Colombian cocaine.

Here’s Cafe “Paprika” Con Leche…overdosed on some of that good ‘ish!

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July 7, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Shape Shifter by Intoxication

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This is my friend Lou. He is quite the avid connoiseur of Life and judging by this series of images, we can see how much fun this guy has…and to what degree his fun happens to be, we can physically see the volume of LIFE he takes in. Watch out Sam Merlotte (spoiler for True Blood newbies), this guy is gunning for you.

Needless to say, he grabs it by the balls (or in this case, he may even lick).

Sorry Lou…had to do this.

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June 16, 2011 at 6:23 pm