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Borderlands 2 Demo

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If there’s a world that I want to completely wrap my mind around and become completely lost in, Borderlands can provide that spectrum of escapism for me. Now with the new installment, Number 2, coming into the picture in 2012, we (Borderland fanboys and fangirls) can’t rage hard enough to provide the equal power that this game will have. Sure we fell in love with the million plus gun iterations on the market. Sure we loved to become one of four different types of players to roam freely and spread our proverbial wings over. Sure the multi-player and co-op modes were great entertainment…and sure, having 40-plus options of weapons at any time kicked major Clap-trap buckets!

Now, imagine all those those things you loved about Borderlands being taken away. Hang on. In place of that space, Gearbox developers are trying to one-up themselves on a level that seems unimaginable for this forthcoming title. The old adage of “if it broke…” was completely ignored. These guys behind the scene are going to create some thing bigger and badder. What we know of Pandora will grow exponentially in all phases. And with the additional of four new playable characters, like the Gunzerker: Salvador, and a new set of rules gun creating will have, this will be another explosive game that will be highly anticipated for 2012 (Mass Effect 3).

Some bullet points of interest for B2:
-Pandora will be epically more vivid and playable (expansive to say the least)
-levels will be 100% better and longer
-4 new vehicles
-new element “Eridian” will enhance damages
-a variety of options for each players class skill tree
-AI will be more aggressive (should raise the bar for considerably)
-distinctly different characteristics of each gun manufacturer (color, look, custom insignia, power, strength)
-finally, 4 NEW CHARACTERS (Salvador and 3 yet to be mentioned characters)

But for now, just check out the awesome demo above and begin to salivate and pine…Hazah!

For a more in-depth and detailed look into the upcoming carnage of Borderlands 2, pop over to Game Infomer.

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Written by F&W

October 20, 2011 at 8:07 pm