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Delta Camping Life

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A few weeks ago a camping trip was created by my friends. We never thought to go camping just north of Antioch, just up Hwy160, right before Rio Vista. The site is called Brannon Island (not an actual island). The temperature was scorching hot. A friend almost melted away. The river delta saved our lives. Camping food was pretty filling. Waking up very early was awesome. Spending a weekend rabble-rousing with friends and learning the game of Cornhole was epic.

If you plan to go up there soon, make sure to grab a spot with a bunch of trees on the campground or right by the river. I suggest meeting somewhere in the middle with this, ’cause the morning sunrise is breath taking and the afternoon sun is killer. Best alternative fun…jump into the river delta (bring floatation device with a beer holder).

The image below was taken around 530am. Why that early? Because it’s a peaceful ritual when all you have is your morning coffee, fresh air, and a sunrise to watch.

Happy Camping!

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August 5, 2012 at 3:35 am

Images We Remember

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We were located just under 40 miles south of Lake Tahoe for the weekend. The weather was extremely nice in the shade of the pine trees and waking up next to Indian Creek Reservoir wasn’t bad either. Sunsets and sunrises were spectacular.

There was absolutely too much sunshine during our drive around Monitor Pass and through some of the other canyons so I used my polarize filter on the Zeiss 35mm lens…always comes in handy during these times of the day.

Some would argue that Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) had a better set up when he was rumored to have been holed up in a cabin to write “For Emma, Forever Ago”. It would seem that this lake revealed something mystic as the 8 year old with us said this is were fairies come to rest and cool off (I’m not arguing with a child).

Incredible to view sunsets like this away from the city lights. The temperature that night was around 80 degrees and the lake was chirping with beetles, birds, and ducks.

It’s always fun to shoot at night…and especially fun with long exposures and some flash lights…everyone got involved and had their own ideas. The one above is from the artistically gifted 8 year old. It is a turkey, right? Below is something I concocted to show support of the city I live in…not the baseball team I disdain with cheerful boos.

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