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My Best Friend

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My wife’s birthday is today. We’re celebrating it by unplugging and heading to the mountains. This is a bit of a hyperbole—we’ll be 2-4 miles from the local town, might have wi-fi, and our car will always be within reach. Still, camping and being outdoors are both part of the fun when we celebrate this weekend at Bullfrog Pond. It will also be a time to get back to basics, check-in with each other, and take a moment to be thankful for each other and for everything and everyone we have in our lives.

It’s nothing new for us when it comes to being thankful. Most of time, I emphasis how fortunate we are to have each other and everything else. We’re constantly checking ourselves to remain humble and gracious.

However, as this year passes, the sentiment that captures what I really feel and want to express is gratitude. And as simple as the word is, that’s just exactly how my thoughts can be summed up.

Each year that I’ve spent with my wife, I am stunned just by raw emotion when I think of how we met. I’m not crying (yeah I am), but the goosebumps form. And each year, I am amazed how connected we are to each other. And each year, I try to become a better person because of her. And each year, I get to know her a little bit more. And in each year, there have been challenges along the way. Often times, we’ve responded to those challenges with patience, broad perspective, and resilience. While I have always taken the lead in our dynamic to push ahead and challenge ourselves, I never say how much gratitude I have for her and this relationship that we’ve created together.

So now, while I express to you, the readers out there, what she means to me, my strengths and weaknesses directly relate to the strongest part of me…my wife, my best friend.

Thank you for being with me, and for showing me how brave and strong you are, and for having the courage and patience to stand by my side, and for dedicating your life to mine…I love you.

Added bonus — my song for her birthday:

Delta Camping Life

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A few weeks ago a camping trip was created by my friends. We never thought to go camping just north of Antioch, just up Hwy160, right before Rio Vista. The site is called Brannon Island (not an actual island). The temperature was scorching hot. A friend almost melted away. The river delta saved our lives. Camping food was pretty filling. Waking up very early was awesome. Spending a weekend rabble-rousing with friends and learning the game of Cornhole was epic.

If you plan to go up there soon, make sure to grab a spot with a bunch of trees on the campground or right by the river. I suggest meeting somewhere in the middle with this, ’cause the morning sunrise is breath taking and the afternoon sun is killer. Best alternative fun…jump into the river delta (bring floatation device with a beer holder).

The image below was taken around 530am. Why that early? Because it’s a peaceful ritual when all you have is your morning coffee, fresh air, and a sunrise to watch.

Happy Camping!

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August 5, 2012 at 3:35 am

Shooting a Star

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The feeling is truly amazing when you leave a big city and head into the woods for solitude. But amazing is also a sensational way of describing the image below of a shooting star that was captured when I tried long exposure photography for the very first time.

The example below is a shot I was able to take when I camped in the Eldorado National Forest region in Alpine County over the weekend (quick tidbit: Markleeville is a little cute, quaint town that is worth stopping in). Located in Indian Creek Reservoir, the campground was next to this beautiful lake that seemed too perfect, especially in the mornings when the sun rose right over the horizon and into the water’s reflection. And at night, a pinkish hue lit the sky, here, before the stars were introduced to above our heads.

Since I was in such awe of the night’s sky, I completely forgot to follow the technical aspects of long exposure and just shot wide open at f2. Next time, stopping down on any long exposure will be the second thing I do after I calm down from the giddiness of actually doing night photography.

Here’s another shot of the night sky.

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