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Two Bitches a Pieces…

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Thursday after work is usually the time when friends get together to explore the dungeons of their local neighborhoods and cities for happy hour drinks. “Thirsty Thursdays” happen to be the talk of the 4th work day of the week. It happens in almost every circle of dudes, gents, bros, hipsters, and geeks.

To make the most of my TT on this last Thursday, my friend @nicknowhere and I went into our local dungeon, @citybeerstore to grab some coldies and shoot the proverbial shit. We both start with a Sierra Nevada, 30th Anniversary, Barley Wine. Rich with flavor, powerful, a nice bite, and full of punch.

It was right after we sat down to get comfortable with our beers when I noticed a Dogfish HeadMiles Davis Bitches Brew” appear out of nowhere (not nick). It was like a weird omen, a deity out of thin air had appeared to us. We searched early to no avail, but with this appearance as our sign of good luck, we took to the racks of beer and found some!

Astonished, taken aback, floored, we both picked up two each…double-fisted with a proud and glorious smile of victory and BREW-HOUSE JUSTICE.

This beer, which has been wildly popular since it’s arrival two weeks ago, made a quick tour around the nation. Disappearing very quickly because of it’s rich, nutty, sweet, and honey flavor, beer-heads and brew-dogs alike snatched these bottles up like 4505 sliders from @chicharrones (Notoberfest 2009). Whole Foods had a small quantity for sale last week and within an hour, GONE.

If you like the taste of stouts with a sweet kick at the end, this one is surely a great one to grab…BUT grab fast (yes!) because they’ll be gone ’til November…or longer.

dedicated to Buck.

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September 17, 2010 at 6:05 pm