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Made You Guys Something

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Imagine when your friend says to you, “Hey, I made you something.” Your response is usually positive, right? Hell Yeah! That friend took time out of his/her schedule to benefit your life and that has to be quite righteous (the most secular meaning here).

However, when that present is revealed, you would never imagine something as cool as a three dimensional signage of two last names (mine and my wife’s) combined into the above work of art. The friend who made this is a San Franciscan artist, Alphonzo Solorzano. He’s had various pieces and shows throughout the city. The last thing I expected was something this nicely crafted when he said “I made you guys something”.

Check out Alphonzo’s blog, artwork, and projects here. He has extra images of this piece and a description of the process.

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Layered Silhouette Project

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If ever in doubt of a gift idea, turn to unconventional wisdom and perhaps, The Internet, to help guide you through a list of strong images and inspirations.

I’ve been interested in silhouettes for some time and tried and failed (mostly) on my own project for the home. Since then, I’ve studied (Karl Johnson is a master), researched (youtube), and got the most important thing in the arsenal of cut-out projects…iris scissors.

Luckily with some ingenuity and tracing skills, the silhouette came out pretty well. My tools and supplies used are as follows: lightbox was my 24″ computer screen, used tracing paper as a template for the shape, cork art paper with adhesive (found at local art supply shop), sailing rope (found at curiosity shop), and decent stock paper.

The above image is the product of four different attempts. A sailor’s knot was included as a symbol of strength and bond (wife took care of that part).

Pretty crafty, right?

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