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Married to Our Respective Objects

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No, no, no…not the sort of “Objectum Sexual” you find in other places. This is a marriage of objects that doesn’t combine radical and extreme forms of love with obsession to our belongings. It’s a peek into what we carry on a daily basis to make us feel comfortable leaving our homes. And of course, part of it is an obsessive compulsive behavior, but it’s also belongings we use on a day-to-day level and we routinely reach for several if not all of these things at some point of the day.

Not surprising to me, is the amount of things that I have come to accept as my “daily” possessions (right side of image). I have a bigger man-purse that I carry to work, thus I am able to claim more silliness to my life (aka gadgets and kitsch). Smaller purse for my wife, so it’s inevitable and logical right?

Don’t believe me???
Grab my man-purse next time you see me. I may even have beer in there too provided by CBS.

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Scotch Tape Dispenser

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Every office needs an Elph (I’m a Canon photog supporter) like this from Middle-Earth.

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April 19, 2011 at 7:02 pm