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Sliders n Beers @ Sycamore

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Fireworks set off in my stomach when I think about this combination. Images of Wimpy and his “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” credo spring into my mind when I hear anyone talk about sliders or see them being served.

At Sycamore, a new gastropub located on Mission St. and Sycamore, the sliders [and fries] come out of the kitchen hot. No more than three hungry bites worth of deliciousness for $3.00, you get your choice of a BLT, Fried Chicken, Beef, or Lamb slider. They are each presented with their own sauces that are rich in flavor, yet not overbearing. It’s a simple way of enjoying some great beer (Dogfish, Lost Coast, Anderson Valley, Marin Brewing Co. on tap) and a cozy, intimate setting either inside where the jukebox lives or outside on the patio which isn’t very big and doesn’t have to be either. Two picnic table and benches, an assortment of chairs, and a lounge area set this back area up nicely.

Checkout their menus: beer & food

Now, if we could only keep this place in our pockets and away from the masses, Sycamore truly understands the complexities of SF beer fans and slider-foodies, and keep it REAL’LAY nice, simple, and sweet.

Get’cha sliders @Sycamore (open daily from 11:30-midnight/happy hour specials).

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Written by F&W

September 21, 2010 at 5:51 pm