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Ornament Craft Night

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My friends and I turned last weekend into a Jekyll & Hyde event. We had a raging and excessive holiday party on Saturday night filled with booze, naked elves, and weird conversations about 3D adult films (yes, they’re out there right now).

Sunday, a friend decided to engage us in a craft night to make ornaments. And with a slightly, more toned-down approach to having fun, we all took our places at the craft tables, ate really good seafood chowder, drank good beers, and trimmed, glued, decorated, and stitched our ornaments.

This first one was a subconscious effort to root out one of my favorite places in San Francisco to have/buy a beer. My mind must have been thinking about this even though I was wearing the t-shirt because even without measuring, I drew a template that was exactly the same dimensions as the City Beer Store logo tee.

The second one was actually my first idea of the night. The streets are…can you guess them? Van Ness, Market, Mission, and Fulton. The red dot was location of craft event. I made this San Francisco map ornament because I was still seated at the craft table and had itchy crafty fingers. What can I say, I must craft!!!

These two ornaments combined, I feel like they are appropriate symbols for a city that loves itself (very self-deprecating) and a city that loves food and BEER! Of course the Orange and Black thing too can represents those SF Giants’ fans (still waiting on a off-season move).

And finally, one of the weirdest ornaments that was made (possibly ever made at a ornament craft night) that evening turned out to be this ethnic nun, former prisoner, PBR can thing. I can’t even explain it any further.

Now, it’s your turn to get crafty. Happy Holidays and all that stuff…(as kids these days like to say).

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December 20, 2011 at 9:02 pm