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Northern Style Pho

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I am happy to provide a doorway into this amazing bowl of pho that one of San Francisco’s restaurants provides. At Turtle Tower, in the Tenderloin neighborhood (TL), you can find a wonderful bowl of Northern style pho that is rich with flavor and extreme tasty goodness (last bit is an euphemism for “EFFING TRY THIS…IT’S SO GOOD”).

Where many of us find great pho with a heaping serving of noodles and meat with bean sprouts and mint to boot, Turtle Tower brings out a different assemble of boldness in a bowl of minimalism: flat noodles, meat, cilantro, green onions with a touch of ginger. And on the side, you get slices of peppers. Not too hard to imagine right? Review picture above for salivation and heartache.

What’s the difference between Northern and Southern style of pho? The differences are noticeable, while the fragrance of each style will surprise your senses (always in a positive manner)…your palette leaps with tremendous joy for each. Which bowl of pho you prefer is as dynamic and robust as the variations to each of the region. Northern style also has a very hearty stew-like pho that incorporates celery and carrots. Flavors are brought out even further by the use of cilantro and scallions.

The debate and description of each style was discussed in Chowhound forum.

Turtle Tower is located at 631 Larkin St. (between Ellis and Eddy). Street parking only.

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