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Thursday Catshow

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Written by F&W

October 25, 2012 at 7:02 pm

Making Cat Pads from Old Chairs

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Our friends gave us these chairs last year. We thought a reupholster project would be fun to try. As the weeks and months quickly passed by, our desire to turn these things from dollar cushions to mid-century revivals vanished like the Inner Sunset’s sun. And the wife really wanted to take on a different version to convert this into something else. She was inspired by our cats…they love using these things to rest, sleep, get fat, pass the time, and __________ (fill in the blank for cat activities).

So away I went. I sawed one arm of each chair and went around until the base was completely free of the upper portion of the chair…goodbye.

The foam was cut a little bigger than the measurement of the area. Wife says that the extra foam gives more cushion and strength to the pad. But before she began (yes, she did most of the actual making here), the edges of the cut arms needed to be rounded a bit.

Here, the support is reinforced and additional fabric straps were stapled across the top of the springs as well. Once that was completed, wife pulled the fabric over the framework to begin the padding.

As I “supervised” the entire project and documented, my wife went to work and hammered in the stubborn staples. (sidebar: She’s really into D.I.Y. projects…and so am I. Weekends like this, over Labor Day, we decided to take it easy and get into crafts/projects. I love it when we both take the time to work on things and settle into a grove, while listening to music. Moments like these are hard to come by when you don’t notice it…especially when you’re out and about doing things, running errands.)

The white finish to the wood really gives these old chairs a modern appeal, but not shabby-chic. The fabric and patterns we decided on “pops” against the white finish. Seems like we made a great decision not to choose the wizards and fairies pattern (kidding…).

And…the piece de resistance is when we got the cats (Jhumpa & Cafe con Leche) to actually sleep on it. From the image above, we definitely needed to coax their OCD a bit. The pillow is one of Jhumpa’s favorite sleeping pads in the bedroom. Eventually, they gave into the comfort and hipness of the cat pads.

Below is a short video of how easy a circular saw is to handle. Ear plugs and safety goggles were part of my safety gear.

Sawing the Furniture from hodgepodgereel on Vimeo.

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The Power of Pussy-Cats

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Nuff said…

(Jhumpa & Cafe Con Leche)

Written by F&W

September 17, 2010 at 4:19 pm