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Quicksand-ing…Restaining an Old Chair.

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Once in a while I get itchy hands to create something. Other times I get the crafty fingers. And too few and far between, there are times when I just want to destroy stuff. AND…there are even less minutely formed moments where I feel like refurbishing something. However, I’ve been eyeing this project for a couple of years and finally decided to do something about it.

I found this chair years ago at the Alameda Antique Fair and it’s been a really good chair. It just needed to be sanded and restained to bring some life back to it.

Here a some before and after images of the chair.

Not as easy as I thought it was going to be. There were many round surfaces to contend with.

The “quick” sanding project extended to a 40 minute slow-sanding event. I needed to resand many spots because there was varnish on the wood. I used some different grit sandpapers for this (100, 120, 150, 180).

A red walnut stain gave it a good rejuvenation of color. Though getting those crevasses was extremely difficult. A bit of thinner can resolve this mistake since the cushion is a vinyl material…no harm to it, just my pride.

All in all, not a bad outing to complete a restaining project.

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December 22, 2011 at 12:01 am

Home: Staging Room FX

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My wife has many skills. A vast majority of those skills revolves around the home. Any of her friends will say that she needs to produce a blog that showcases her extensive knowledge within this realm. For now, the task is up to her hus-band (I’m a one man band!) is responsible to share some of her many talents…which for all intent and purposes of this blog entry, is staging.

Our dear friend last month mentioned that my wife would be good at “staging” homes. The kind of thankless job that showcases newly fixed up living spaces that preludes a sale. Well, we are getting ready to move out of San Francisco (again) and she thought it would be nice to include a renter’s packet (renter’s cover letter, rental history, credit report, and some pics of our currently home). And in hopes of impressing our potential landlords, that’s not quite a bad idea.

Here are two images that we are using to establish that we are well kept, uncluttered, and reasonably neat people that live and breathe, and work, and eat…and play Skyrim (just me). Btw: if you haven’t already, go get Skyrim, it’s “involving“.

Yes, that’s a whale on a board…yes, that’s yarn. And no, we’re not crazy. The Herman Miller look-alike is from Modernica, found through Apartment Therapy’s Scavenger page (what, you don’t know what that is???).

My wife found the pattern for the curtains at a local thrift store…the credenza was found at the Alameda Antique Fair. And the “big screen” was bartered (don’t ask what we did to get it). That chair (and nesting table set) was also found on a Sunday at Alameda…Lynn from Klassik by Lynne happened to be there selling her old stock of chairs at a discount

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