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Curry for Days

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“Dinner for Two, please”.

This is the statement my wife and I are meant to say on any given night when dining out. Of course, we may just hold up two fingers, but generally it’s just the two of us.

Taking advantage of this situation for us means that we have left overs to take home…but when that “take home” is in the form of home cooking, that means we get to ration out the meals for days.

The image shown to the right is of the curry I had made last Friday. It’s a new recipe that incorporates seafood (crab legs, mussels, and fish) into the curry which replaced a regular protein of chicken (legs and thighs). The recipe has been retooled to create a spicier version than my mother used to make for us at home. And this curry recipe has lemongrass so it’s very similar to Laksa.

Over the course of 4 days, my wife and I got to replenish our bowls with as much curry as possible adding vermicelli noodles and french bread and green onion (scallion) pancakes to sop up the curry (cilantro and fresh squeezed lemon juice for aroma and flavor).

We are finally moving on from this magic curry…to tonight’s menu: egg noodles with green onions and oysters sauce, egg drop soup, and scallion sauced tofu.

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Best Bao In Town

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The song “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right” by Luther Ingram has resonated through the history of music. The title has also become part of our lexicon. It’s a simple way of saying, I need you, I want you, I must have you in my life no matter what the cost.

Well, last night after having some craft beers @citybeerstore with my friends @nicknowhere, @paolawitt, and @winguero, we had noticed that the Chairman Bao Truck was across the street at Bloodhound serving up a happy hour assortment of baos. We had never had them before last night…and this morning, I shared Luther Ingram’s sentiment.

Let me just describe it in this way.

My wife and I ordered 4 baos (Duck Confit, Pork Belly, Red Sesame Chicken, Lions Head MeatBall). Of course this was the only way to try them, right? Right. Each bao has its own distinct assortment of flavors/sauce and added textures/ingredients such as pickled daikon, scallion and bok choy, kim chee, and fresh mango salad. @nicknowhere ordered the duck confit steamed bao and with @girljo, echoed our sentiments.

The choice of buns include a baked bao bun or steamed bao. The latter is more of a soft, steamed taco then the Dim Sum baked pork buns. As a refresher, these tacos are usually what comes with the Peking duck at Chinese restaurants (add duck skin, hoisin, fresh cut green onions, scallions). A baked bao bun however comes with a generous helping of your choice of meats and the size of it is very similar to a 4505 special sando or burger (I’d argue that the amount of flavor is spot on and comparable to 4505 Meats@ the ferry building on Thursdays).

After three craft beers and an empty stomach, this was a choice way of satisfying our hunger. Each one of these baos were enjoyed thoroughly and with great pleasure as we examined the texture, the spices, the sweet and hot sauces, the well seasoned meats, and the overall juiciness of the entire bao. We actually had to pull over and devour the rest.

This is definitely recommended to try and become a fan of, because for the price (baked @ $5.75 & steamed @ $2.95), these sizable portions of buns are well worth the journey to find the Chairman’s Truck. They do accept cash and/or Visa/Mastercard now.

And if you happen to be in the area of Bloodhound on Wednesday during their happy hour time, stop by there or City Beer Store for some great craft beer (both located on Folsom & between 7th/8th)…and of course, the Chairman’s buns (pictures).


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For pure enjoyment!

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September 23, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Sliders n Beers @ Sycamore

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Fireworks set off in my stomach when I think about this combination. Images of Wimpy and his “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” credo spring into my mind when I hear anyone talk about sliders or see them being served.

At Sycamore, a new gastropub located on Mission St. and Sycamore, the sliders [and fries] come out of the kitchen hot. No more than three hungry bites worth of deliciousness for $3.00, you get your choice of a BLT, Fried Chicken, Beef, or Lamb slider. They are each presented with their own sauces that are rich in flavor, yet not overbearing. It’s a simple way of enjoying some great beer (Dogfish, Lost Coast, Anderson Valley, Marin Brewing Co. on tap) and a cozy, intimate setting either inside where the jukebox lives or outside on the patio which isn’t very big and doesn’t have to be either. Two picnic table and benches, an assortment of chairs, and a lounge area set this back area up nicely.

Checkout their menus: beer & food

Now, if we could only keep this place in our pockets and away from the masses, Sycamore truly understands the complexities of SF beer fans and slider-foodies, and keep it REAL’LAY nice, simple, and sweet.

Get’cha sliders @Sycamore (open daily from 11:30-midnight/happy hour specials).

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Written by F&W

September 21, 2010 at 5:51 pm