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Spotify: Making a cd for your friend without the disc!

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Spotify made that Transatlantic voyage across to discover the land that is USA, North America. It required the natives to declare their curiosity by asking to be invited into that European club. While some were quick to hit that send button, others were still clinging onto more familiar services like Pandora, Rhapsody, Grooveshark, and LastFM.

And while some of us (Pandora for me) can still use these cloud service music players anytime, how many of us can make playlists for our friends to enjoy? How many of us can use the aforementioned music services to collect songs we find endearing, reflect who we are, or consider listenable without feeling guilty that Pop Culture as wrangled another one of us?

Consider using Spotify to make an online cd for you to give to your friends! Why burn a physical disc that will oxidize in a few hundred years when you can make something that will theoretically last throughout the “Space-Time Continuum” (don’t know about this? why click here).

The image below is an example of how simple it really is to accomplish making an online cd through Spotify. See arrow of how I made a playlist for my wife? After you’ve added your friends to your account…this is what you do: 1) make a playlist 2) name a playlist 3) drag appropriate music to named playlist 4) send email or text/phone call to friend that you spent some time thinking about him/her and have made a playlist worthy of their listening pleasure. 5) wait for a return playlist from that friend.

I’m making a playlist for my wife…things that she’ll like, music that would put a smile on her face (High Fidelity inspired moment with Stevie Wonder to remind you).

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Birds Make Pretty

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Putting birds on things make everything look cooler. For instance, this Pandora skin makes the user’s interface with music much more enjoyable—bonus for adding Christopher Cross onto the playlist, right?

In this Portlandia skit, viewers get a glimpse into the magic world of birds and how affective the notion of bird images can be when done to the MAX (caps letter for emphasis). Birds, birds, birds!!! Fly away with a bird on your shirt, tote bag, back pant pocket, or even…Pandora!

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Written by F&W

February 1, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Skill +1

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We all have skill sets that are useful to some degree. Hobbies, passions, and interests form skills. We learn to appreciate the form, learn it, copy it, and adopt it. In video games, RPGs (role playing games) are intertwined with gaining skills, learning and mastering them. In other words, “leveling up” is a coined phrased in determining how well your character is doing in a game. When the games are turned off though, we return to a world that has a broader range of skills to acquire, learn, and eventually master.

For me, I have acquired a skill and leveled up +1. Knitting is something that seemed very hard to learn. Two needle sticks and some yarn, a lot of time, and then, poof! a sweater or scarf is made. Well, that now seems within reach.

With a couple of lessons under my belt, I have learned the “continental” style of purling and knitting. This skill will allow me to make things independently. And if there were ever a nuclear explosion, and the huge industry of shirt/sweater making crumbles to dust, I will be able to take some yarn (that hopefully made it through the firestorm) and create a nice knitted outfit for my Mad Max‘esque ensemble.

Hazah folks!

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Written by F&W

September 21, 2010 at 9:25 pm